Leave A Legacy

Leave A Legacy

Animals Asia’s projects are long-term and we are committed to seeing them through to the end. As a relatively young organisation, we need to build on our financial reserves to ensure that we have adequate funding.

By including us in your will or trust, you will create a lasting legacy that will allow us to continue our work well into the future. Your loved ones will also be proud to know that your vision and kindness will help to create a better world for animals.

Please consider leaving a bequest to Animals Asia to ensure that your commitment to animals and our work continues past your lifetime.

Download our bequest leaflet for more information.

Include Animals Asia in your will

Types of bequest

These are the most common ways to include a charitable legacy in your will. A specific sum of money: this is sometimes known as a pecuniary bequest.

A percentage of your estate: this bequest changes with the size of your estate. The advantage of this type of giving is that as your assets grow, your contribution to Animals Asia will keep pace with them.

The remainder of your estate: sometimes known as a residuary bequest, this is the amount left over after meeting all your personal commitments. Your gift would come to us only after your family and friends have been provided for.

Speak to your legal adviser about the benefits of leaving a charitable bequest – in some cases, your loved ones may not have to pay as much tax on your estate.

Making a will and keeping it up-to-date

Having an up-to-date will or trust fund that identifies each of your beneficiaries, means you can rest easy knowing your family and friends will be provided for. If you don’t make a will, the law will determine who inherits your assets, and your family and friends may have to wait several years to receive any inheritance.

It is important to keep your will up-to-date so that it reflects your current personal circumstances. You should review the details whenever you experience any major life changes, such as marriage or divorce, the birth of a child, starting a new business, a sudden acquisition of assets, etc. By reviewing your will regularly, you can be sure that the decisions you have made are current and that your wishes will be carried out. If you already have a will, you can easily change it by asking your legal adviser to add a codicil (a legal amendment).

Wording your bequest

Your will is a legal document, and exact wording is essential to ensure that your wishes are carried out. Animals Asia recommends that you seek professional legal advice when drawing up or changing your will. Your solicitor or public trustee will help you word your bequest so that it reflects your exact wishes.

Essential details for your solicitor

Full name of charity: Animals Asia Foundation Limited

Charity headquarters: 10/F, Kai Tak Commercial Building 317-319 Des Voeux Road Central Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2791 2225

Fax: (852) 2791 2320

Email: leavealegacy@animalsasia.org

Charity registration no: 642411

If you decide to leave a bequest or establish a trust fund for Animals Asia, please fill out our reply form and let us know your plans.

Why we give

"I admire the culturally sensitive way in which Animals Asia is achieving widespread attitude change towards animals in Asia. I believe that [your] work is making a genuine and long term difference to the welfare of wild and domestic species in the region, and that many thousands of animals will be spared lives of appalling suffering. That is why I am leaving a legacy to Animals Asia." Sue Pell, UK

"Having supported Animals Asia for many years now I decided some time ago that due to my circumstances and my passion for 'the cause' I would leave a large part of my estate to [the Foundation] in my will. I have no dependents and after a few bequests to family and friends are taken care of, I can think of none more deserving of the remainder than the organisation led by the amazing Jill. I would like to think that after I've gone I have helped ensure the wonderful work she and her teamdo will continue." Christine Coldrick, UK

"I can't support Animals Asia much financially but am doing as much as I can to help in other ways by raising funds and awareness. But I also decided to make a bequest to Animals Asia as I want to ensure I can support a cause I am so passionate about for as long as I possibly can, even after my death." Maren Dallmann, UK


If you have a question about leaving a bequest, please email Animals Asia at leavealegacy@animalsasia.org.