Sponsor a bear

Sponsor a bear

 Jasper's story

When Jasper came to us he was rake thin (128kgs). Much of his fur was missing from years of rubbing against his cage, his teeth were badly worn down from bar biting and he had a metal catheter implanted in his abdomen. Jasper was cut from a coffin-sized “crush cage” – a cage fitted with a grille that the farmer had pushed down on his body to flatten him against the bottom to make it easier to extract his bile.

Today, Jasper is our happy, handsome poster boy for rescued bears. After surgery, months of rehabilitation, lots of tasty, nutritious food and tender, loving care, the real Jasper emerged. This loveable rascal now has a healthy body weight and stands six feet tall. A gentle peacemaker known to separate aggressive younger bears, his delightful antics and distinctive golden eyebrows win over everyone that meets him.

Amazingly, given the horrific treatment that Jasper was subjected to for so many years, this cheeky fellow is as comfortable in human company as he is with the other bears. He even comes when he is called – especially if there’s a jar of peanut butter involved – and so complete is his trust in his carers that he will even lick treats carefully from their fingers.

Caring for rescued bears like Jasper is a huge commitment. At our sanctuaries, these previously tortured creatures are able to live and play in the company of others in specially designed semi-natural enclosures with access to dens for shelter. Your sponsorship allows us to provide them with veterinary care, a space to live, enrichment and food for the rest of their lives.

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For just US$45 per month you can sponsor one of our rescued bears in China or Vietnam and provide him or her with the care needed to lead a healthy, happy life.

In return for your support, you will receive a sponsorship certificate, a photo of your bear in a specially printed frame and information about his or her character and well-being. We will also send you a beautiful plush moon bear toy as a token of our thanks. Each year, you will receive an updated photo so that you can see for yourself the impact of your support.

By Sponsoring a Bear you help to support …

Vet care

The bears arrive at our sanctuaries in a terrible condition. Most need surgery to remove damaged gall bladders or broken teeth. Many need long-term medication to deal with chronic illnesses or painful deformities. Your donations ensure that our expert veterinary team can provide the bears with the medical attention they need.

Shelter and enrichment

The semi-natural enclosures and dens that the bears live in at our sanctuaries are equipped with specially designed furniture and toys to exercise their bodies and minds. Your donations help to pay for items such as hanging-basket beds, climbing frames, pools and food puzzles that encourage natural behaviour in the bears.

Food and treats

Your donations also help to keep the bears healthy by supporting the cost of their food. Their special diet includes masses of fresh fruit and vegetables, grains, nuts and dry dog food. We also provide the bears with a variety of taste and smell sensations by smearing treats such as miso paste, sesame oil, peanut butter and honey around the enclosures..