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Help us help animals and here's what you can expect in return

11 January 2017

Irwin Jnr on the steps

Animals Asia’s work to show you where your donations go has been officially recognised, but transparency is just part of our promise to you.

For charities around the world, achieving a Charity Navigator four-star rating, is a badge of honour. It shows, through objective analysis, that the charity is fiscally responsible, committed to transparency and dedicated to ethical fundraising.

Animals Asia is naturally proud of having achieved this status – the highest that the awards body can give. But the award is only part of the story and our promise to you.

Our work is carried out on behalf of the supporters who fund it. We work for you and for animals. In return for your generosity, here’s what we promise to you, in the words of our Founder and CEO, Jill Robinson MBE.

Mara (left) playing with Mausi (right) in their enclosure, VBRC

We promise to keep you updated on our work

“When Animals Asia rescues a bear, we commit to looking after them for the rest of their natural lives. We hope and expect a happy ending for each bear but it won’t always be easy. There will be setbacks – sometimes even tragedy – but we promise we will never give up on a bear and will keep you informed every step of the way. You open cages. You rescue bears – it is the least we can do in return.”

"Now that's a good seat" says Xin Xin

We promise never to accept racism or hate speech

“I am increasingly fond of the phrase, ‘cruelty knows no borders’. Animal welfare isn’t an ‘Asian problem’ as some would have you believe – it is an issue all over the world. We work day in day out with Chinese and Vietnamese colleagues. These are the people who are making a real difference on the ground – caring for animals and changing mind-sets. We won’t accept racism or hate speech and will not allow our platforms to host such content or to be miss-used to spread hatred. The Animals Asia family contains individuals from across the world and each one is welcome and respected.”

Jenoe plays with a puzzle ball 1

We promise to bring you accurate information

“The animal cruelty inherent in bear bile farming, the dog meat trade and animal performance speaks for itself. There is no need to exaggerate, make up or spread false information. Our campaigns are built on facts. If they weren’t they would be easily undermined and rejected in the very places where we are fighting to affect change. What you read on our platforms will always be accurate and if we feel false information is being spread to the detriment of our work or the people we work with, we’ll let you know. ‘False news’ has become a massive issue for the world to deal with. We won’t be part of it, we refuse to use it (even if it’s to our benefit) and we certainly won’t spread it. Trust is important to us.”

Caz enjoys an apple

We promise to practice what we preach

“As an organisation, Animals Asia tries wherever possible to limit its impact on all animals and we encourage the same in our partners, employees, supporters and the general public. Animals Asia, like many of our supporters is on a journey to being completely cruelty-free. We have achieved much success in this, such as making our sanctuary canteens fully vegan, but we also know we aren’t perfect. We’ll keep working to lessen our impact on animals. Likewise we will respect those on their own personal journeys as they move towards a cruelty-free life.”

Vegan meal

What Charity Navigator recognition means to us

“We are so very proud to have been awarded four stars on the US intelligent-giving website ‘Charity Navigator’. In order to achieve such a high status you have to ensure you meet very strict criteria, this includes sound financial health, and that we are highly accountable and transparent in our work and that we have an excellent level of reporting to our donors and supporters. We know what we stand for and we know how much we owe to our supporters – everything! We see this award as official recognition of our efforts to be responsible to you. Thank you.”

A bear worker is setting up enclosure for bears at VBRC, 2014

Charity Navigator is America's premier independent charity evaluator. They help charitable givers in America make intelligent giving decisions by providing in-depth, objective ratings and analysis of the financial health, accountability and transparency of America's largest charities.


As of February 2017, Animals Asia’s openness, transparency and accountability has been further acknowledged by Australian charity monitoring organisation, ChangePath.

ChangePath has awarded Animals Asia seven stars – the highest possible rating – for our transparency, fiscal probity and secure privacy. As an independent service, ChangePath helps Australians choose charities which are open and well run so they can donate in confidence that their aid will be well-used.