Knowledge is the key to change. Learn about some of the planet's most amazing animals and the welfare issues affecting them.

23 March 2023

One Life: Bears

It’s World Bear Day! Let’s find out more about this incredible but vulnerable species and how we can help to protect them.


20 January 2023

Our complex relationship with rabbits

In the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, Animal Welfare Director Dave Neale considers how we could radically change the lives of rabbits if humans stopped putting them into different categories.


10 December 2022

Should animals have the same basic rights as humans?

On International Animal Rights Day, Dave Neale asks, is it possible for society to grant animals similar basic rights to those that are applicable to humans?


05 December 2022

Do animals grieve?

National Grief Awareness Week raises awareness of one of the most personal and complicated emotions known to humans. But did you know that many animals also experience grief? In this fascinating article, Dave Neale discovers we are more like our animal cousins than we might have thought…