No Bear Left Behind

15 November 2023

Bear bile farming in Vietnam is almost over

Right now across Vietnam the last few hundred bears are suffering on bile farms, trapped in tiny cages and subjected to repeated bile extractions for use in traditional medicine.

Together we can end bear bile farming in Vietnam by 2026 – farm by farm, cage by cage – until there is no bear left behind. 

Every one of these bears can be saved – but only when they have a safe home to go to. That’s why Animals Asia is building a new sanctuary in Vietnam, so that all these bears can be rescued and finally be safe.  

In a pioneering achievement for animal welfare in Asia, the Vietnamese Government is closing the last of the bile farms. There are just over 100 bile farms left, with around 300 bears to rescue. This means the sanctuary urgently needs to be completed - the sooner it’s finished, the sooner the bears can be rescued. And bear bile farming will end for all bears in Vietnam, forever.

Help us save them before it’s too late.

Please make sure that no bear is left behind.