Moon Bear Hero Awards 2022 – Kindness in Action

23 September 2022

It’s time to select our super Moon Bear Heroes of the year in our Annual Supporter Awards – and once again we’re leaving it up to YOU to give us the nominees!

Moon Bear Hero Awards 2022 - banner
Our Awards have had a make-over and we now have five coveted awards up for grabs, emulating Animals Asia's visionary Four Pillars and honouring our very first rescued bear, the iconic Andrew.

And the nominees are...

If you've undertaken some incredible fundraising this year or know someone else who has, send us the details now and join our list of nominees! We'll read every story and choose a winner for each category below. 

Nominations close Sunday 29 January 2023 and winners will be contacted in February 2023.

Empathy in Action Award - Smudge

Celebrating supporters who have empathy at the forefront of everything they do, and who inspire others to care for the world we live in too.

The last bear born at the Nanning bear farm, and rescued as a tiny cub, Smudge drives and inspires us to do all we can to improve the lives of animals everywhere.

Courage in Action - Cubby Leo

Celebrating supporters who have overcome their fears, and truly undertaken something courageous for the animals.

Cubby Leo was so traumatised by life before rescue, it took her over a year to summon the courage to move from her den - now she is a happy, adventurous, confident member of our Sun bear family.

Tenacity in Action Award - Oliver

Celebrating supporters who never gave up and despite challenges, kept going for the greater good.

Oliver survived thirty years in a cage until rescue arrived - then spent his glorious, golden years absolutely embracing life at our China Rescue Centre. 

Respect in Action Award – Tuan

Celebrating supporters who, with respect and dignity, help others understand the importance of bringing about lasting change.

Despite living alone for 15 years on an intensive pig farm where his diet led to morbid obesity, Tuan is now a healthy, handsome, friendly and fun-loving bear. Leaving the dark past behind, Tuan's carers describe his embrace of his new life as "food for the soul".

Andrew Superstar Award

Individuals of outstanding calibre, who have truly set the bar high for their support to Animals Asia this year.

Andrew was the very first bear to set paw onsite at our China Rescue Centre. His forgiveness, kindness, courage and tenacity taught us so much and set the standard for all rescues to follow. 

Certificates of Kindness – Sugar

We'll also be selecting several nominations for a special mention with our Certificate of Kindness, celebrating incredible acts of kindness through fundraising, 

Sugar was rescued from Hanoi circus and was deeply traumatised when she arrived at our Vietnam Rescue Centre. From a shy, nervous little bear, Sugar now has lots of friends and has blossomed to become happy, social and confident - thanks to the kindness of her carers and fellow rescued bears.

Supporter Events

Our dedicated supporters rise to great challenges to help us help animals - click on the album below to see some of their wonderful events and activities! 

If you have any photographs of your Moon Bear Hero Nominee in action, please email them to [email protected]

Supporter Awards - supporter events

Nomination Form

If you’ve undertaken some incredible fundraising this year or know someone else who has, please fill out the form below with as much detail about the fundraising efforts as possible. We can’t wait to hear about the amazing, innovative ways that you’re supporting us! 

  • The information you provide will be used to judge our winners.
  • We ask for your address and contact details so that we can contact you, should you be a winner.
  • If you are nominating someone else, please ensure you have their permission to do so, as well as their permission for us to contact them, should they be successful.
  • Nominations close Sunday 29 January 2023 and winners will be contacted in February 2023.