Corporate Partnerships - build a kinder future with Animals Asia

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The private sector has a huge influence on the world. Through a partnership, we can work together to increase awareness, raise money and inspire new audiences to join the movement towards a kinder future for animals in Asia. 

Partnering with Animals Asia is a great way to develop and fulfil your corporate social responsibility goals while also elevating your brand. By supporting us, you're not only making a positive impact on the lives of animals, but you're also benefiting your business and staff. From one-off fundraising to a long-term partnership, all funds we raise go straight back to improving the lives of animals across Asia.

Trusted Partnership

We always follow a thorough due diligence process before entering any partnership. And, as part of our commitment to animal welfare, we only work with businesses that are committed to not using animal products.

Ways to get involved

Corporate Bear Guardianship: Right now, there are 300 bears left on bile farms in Vietnam, and we need your help to ensure no bear is left behind. For $15,000 your company can become the sole Guardian of a rescued bear who has suffered unimaginably. You will have the privilege of naming your bear, and your generosity will help provide all the critical care they need to live a joyful life, free from pain and fear.

But you won’t just change the world for one bear, you will also be playing a crucial part in giving bears across Asia hope for a future where they finally look up at the vast sky and feel the sun on their backs. 

Our sanctuary team will keep you updated with videos and stories throughout the year, which is a brilliant way to engage your employees and share the story of our partnership with your customers. 

Cause-Related Marketing and collaborationsCause-related marketing allows you to link your brand or product with Animals Asia. Research shows that customers are more likely to choose a product that supports a worthy cause - it’s the perfect way to drive sales and improve brand loyalty while raising awareness of animal welfare issues and raising much-needed funds.

Our team is on hand to discuss exciting potential campaigns and collaborations so that together, we can make the greatest impact. 

Sponsorship: Sponsorship can allow you to reach a whole new audience and enhance your brand integrity by aligning yourself with our good cause.

  • Event and Campaign Sponsorship: We host events and run global campaigns and fundraising initiatives throughout the year that can offer fantastic sponsorship opportunities for your company.
  • Capital Project Sponsorship: Consider the opportunity to sponsor a significant capital project at our new sanctuary. Your company has the chance to leave a lasting legacy and contribute to the historic endeavour of ending bear bile farming. We offer a range of exciting sponsorship packages, from supporting bear dens to aiding the development of our education centre. Join us in this mission, and together, we will make history!

Employee Fundraising: Workplace fundraising can boost employee engagement by empowering people to support causes that matter to them. It also provides your company with exciting and engaging stories to tell your customers and suppliers.

If you want to hold a one-off fundraising event for Animals Asia, why not sign up for one of  our ready-made challenges?

Payroll and Matched Giving: Donating a regular gift through your payslip is an easy and efficient way to support Animals Asia. Donations are taken before tax, giving immediate tax relief on the donation. Matching employees' gifts through payroll can also encourage philanthropy among employees. 

Charity of the year: Partnering with us as your chosen charity of the year is a brilliant way to unite your whole company around Animals Asia’s mission and increase staff retention, loyalty and motivation. 

If your company runs a Charity of the Year programme, you could make a massive difference to Animals Asia. We will work closely with your company to build an exciting, mutually beneficial partnership.

Whatever your role in the business, most employers really value hearing suggestions from their employees. Putting our name on the nomination form will help to raise our profile.

Partner with us

We’re looking for excellent partners who can support us and in return, have a rewarding experience and benefit from the integrity our well-loved brand offers. 

Please get in touch with us by email: [email protected] or complete the form below and our corporate team will be in touch to discuss ideas soon!