Gifts for the bears

Send the perfect gift to a loved one and a rescued bear

Looking for the perfect gift for a loved one? Or perhaps you’re feeling generous and want to make a once-abused bear’s day super special? Well look no further!

Buy a Holiday Gift for the Bears today and help enrich the lives of our rescued bears!

How it works:

Choose your gift
From yummy jars of sticky strawberry jam to a bear pool party, we’ve got everything a bear needs for a good time!

If you're donating this bear gift for a friend or family member, let us have their details.

Send a card
We’ll mail the personalized card with details of your bear gift, to you or your loved one. 


Bears have fun!
Your gift will help us provide a delicious treat, a stimulating playtime activity, or some expert medical care for our former bile bears at our award-winning sanctuary.


 Holiday gifts for the bears! 

Build a Bear Nest - US$10

Picture a warm, dry, cozy bed… add a sleepy bear and what could be more snuggly? The bears love to make nests, especially now that it’s cold at our sanctuaries. Your gift would keep one busy bear in nest-making materials – banana leaves, burlap sacks, soft, dry straw… for one month.

Build a bear nest


Decorate a Christmas Tree - US$20

Imagine their faces on Christmas morning… the sanctuary trees transformed into magical Christmas trees laden with goodies. Baubles like coconuts and papier maché toys… puzzle feeders and brightly wrapped boxes filled with treats. This special gift from you to them would really make their Holidays!

Decorate a Christmas Tree


Send a Holiday Basket - US$35

Holiday cookies and strawberry jam… Christmassy ice pops and juicy red apples… Your gift of a Holiday Basket would mean the world to the bears. It would also help to get sleepy bears out of their beds to take their medicines, hidden inside soft marshmallows.

Send a Christmas Hamper


*Your gift directly supports our bear work in China and Vietnam, along with other vital animal welfare work. While we don't ship individual items to the bears, all our gifts are real items that we need and use on a frequent basis to rehabilitate and care for our community of rescued bears. This includes veterinary costs, bear enrichment materials, food and medicines.