Become a Bear Guardian

Guardianship starts with a name and lasts for the rest of your bear’s life. It’s like a big bear hug from afar, supporting your bear through all of life's ups and downs, ensuring they receive all the love and care they need to thrive.  

As a Bear Guardian, you’ll have the chance to choose your own beautiful bear to protect for the rest of their life. Your support starts with the special opportunity to give them a name. This will be your bear and you will be his or her only guardian. You’ll be given the exclusive opportunity to provide Guardianship support each year providing you with special personalised updates of your bear’s progress. Of course, the care we provide to the bears is unconditional – each one receiving tailored, world class love and care every day for the rest of their lives.

Becoming a Bear Guardian is the most special gift anyone can give to a broken bear. The kindness of animal lovers like you has already transformed the lives of hundreds of bears in our China and Vietnam sanctuaries.

With an initial gift of US$15,000, you’ll:

  • Choose a forever name for your very own bear
  • Give your bear all the care and support they need to thrive for a whole year 
  • Receive a welcome pack with your bear’s life story in a rescue diary
  • Receive regular updates and photos of your bear
  • Become part of the historic journey to ending bear bile farming for good

You will be the sole guardian of your bear and your updates are just for you. 

You’ll be offered the exclusive invitation to continue caring for your bear with an annual gift of US$2,500 or more.

By continuing your special guardianship, you’ll be helping to ensure your bear receives the best of care for the rest of their life. It costs approximately US$15,000 a year to care for your bear – from the delicious and nutritious food they eat, the world-class veterinary care they receive, to the shelter and security of their special den home, your bear will feel the warmth of your kindness every single day.

Become a Bear Guardian and give a once broken bear the dignity of a name and the chance to be a bear again. 

To find out more, please contact us at [email protected] to discuss Bear Guardianship today - we’d love to hear from you!