Ending the dog meat trade in Vietnam

30 May 2023

Animals Asia’s latest petition is calling on the Vietnamese Government to make the sale of dog meat illegal in Vietnam, as a major step towards ending the trade for good.

Five million dogs are slaughtered for the trade in Vietnam every year. That’s 13,699 dogs being killed horrifically every day.

Extreme Cruelty

From stealing much loved family pets, beating dogs and cramming them into tiny cages, to being transported for hundreds of miles wthout food or water, then killed brutally with a knife to the jugular and heart, in full view of other dogs. Every aspect of the trade involves extreme cruelty.

dog transport Dogs endure cramped cages and deprivation while being illegally transported.

You can make a difference

It’s time to end Vietnam’s trade in dog meat. 

By adding your signature you will show Vietnam that the world is watching.

We will deliver the petition in person to the Vietnamese Government in November 2023. This is when the trade in dogs increases, ahead of Lunar New Year in February where dog meat is traditionally consumed. Handing in a petition with tens of thousands of signatures will show the Government that the world wants them to ban the trade.

Thank you.

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Truck from Hanoi at a pick up point in Dak Lak.