Animals Asia Supporter Promise

  • We will always be guided by our vision to create a harmonious world free from animal cruelty.
  • We will communicate in a way that works best for you.
  • We will be open, honest, accountable and respectful.
  • We are committed to meeting the highest fundraising and data protection standards.

Without you, our supporters, Animals Asia would not be able to continue our work towards ending bear bile farming and improving animal welfare in Asia. You are the heart of this organisation.

There is no ‘‘us’’ and ‘’you’’. We’re all part of the Animals Asia family, working together for the animals who need us most.

And being part of the Animals Asia family isn’t just about donating. You play a crucial role in educating others, raising awareness and giving a voice to the voiceless (and this is priceless).

You can be involved in lots of different ways - through fundraising, holding events, and sharing our work and stories. Find out about other ways to get involved and support our cause here.

We’re working tirelessly to end animal suffering but we can’t achieve this alone.

It’s you and your generosity that make it possible.

Animals Asia is a global team of passionate people working to improve the lives of animals. Aside from our team working on the ground with the animals, more than three-quarters of our staff are home-based which helps to keep office costs down, environmental impacts low and productivity high. We come from varied backgrounds but all share the same vision, to make the world a better place for animals by improving animal welfare.

How we’ll spend your money

We value every gift we receive, large and small, and we’ll always put your gift to work as quickly and effectively as we can. The animals we care for are at the heart of every decision we make. To find out about all the incredible ways you brought joy to Asia’s animals in 2022, please read our Annual Review.

Annual Review 2022

We always strive to meet your individual needs, and upon request, when we’re able, we can restrict your donations to your chosen area. This is an incredibly important distinction because restricted funds are just that – restricted to a project – and we honour that to the penny, both morally and legally. Because this is such an important decision, it takes a lot of time and care from the support team to enable us to track the money as it’s spent. This involves numerous and ongoing communications across our fundraising, finance and program teams – to first allocate the money, then spend it and report back on completion. In summary, the more we restrict, the more time and money it takes to spend it accurately. 

For this reason, though we can restrict single donations, we can’t guarantee that regular donations will be spent exclusively on any one program. The minimum donation that we’re able to restrict to a particular project is US$5,000. If you'd like to make a donation of this size or above and want to know more about your options, please contact our Supporter Care Team or email [email protected] and we’ll put you in touch with someone who can help.

We do encourage our supporters to keep donations unrestricted so we can use your funds where they benefit the animals the most.

Animals Asia represents kindness and respect – importantly, that includes respect for you and your privacy, respect for different cultures, respect for each other. And our promise to you is that we’ll always put the animals first. 

It’s the Animals Asia Way - respect, courage, empathy, tenacity. 

We’re committed to honesty, courtesy and responsible stewardship of donor funds. We strive to find compassionate solutions that not only benefit animals but people as well, and we act ethically, responsibly and fairly in all our dealings.

Our promise to you

We want you to feel special when you donate to us, and know that your voice is heard. Because without you, Animals Asia simply wouldn’t exist.

1. We will always be guided by our vision to create a harmonious world free from animal cruelty. We will uphold our values and principles to achieve the greatest impact for animals across Asia.

    • We encourage people to be kind to one another, and animals too. We don’t pass judgment. We work collaboratively and respectfully to offer people a kinder way.
    • We challenge negative stereotypes of different cultures. We’ll always see the good in people, and will help guide them on their journey to a kinder lifestyle.
    • We will always be driven by our values of being empathetic, respectful, tenacious and courageous.

2. We will communicate in a way that works best for you, and we recognise that this could change at any time

    • We want to keep you updated on Animals Asia’s work. These communications will be sent via email, social media, mail and occasionally phone and SMS. We understand that some of you may not want to be contacted a certain way and we promise to always respect your wishes.
    • We make it as easy as possible for you to change the way you’d like to keep in touch with us, and we have reminders of how to do this in every communication we send you. All you need to do is contact your Supporter Care team or email [email protected]
    • From us, you can expect to receive updates on bears and rescues, fundraising, petitions, events and volunteering. And news of the incredible impact you’re making with your generosity.
    • We understand the importance of being able to trust that your private information is safe. We assure you that your data is treated with respect and confidentiality.
    • We will never sell, share or trade your names or personal information with any other entity, or send mailings to our supporters on behalf of other organisations.
    • Please see our Privacy Statement for full details, and get in touch with us if anything isn’t clear.

3. We will be open, honest, accountable and respectful, and work only with partners who share these values

    • We’ll be open and honest about how our money is raised and spent to help animals in need. And we’ll always act with the animals’ best interests at heart. To see how our funds are spent, please go to page 47 of our annual review.
    • Our ‘‘Kindness in action’’ motto extends to the communities we operate in. We will do all we can to ensure that any third parties, volunteers and fundraising contractors who work with us to raise funds share our high standards and mindset.
    • We won’t always get things right, and when that happens, we will respond, act on it and improve. We greatly welcome feedback and we’re always pleased to hear from you. We want to listen and give you the best experience possible. If you’re unhappy in any way with the experience you’ve had with us, please let us know so we can make things right. Contact your Supporter Care team or email [email protected]. You can read about our complaints procedure here.

4. We are committed to meeting the highest fundraising and data protection standards

    • We’ll strictly adhere to all fundraising and data protection legislation and guidelines.
    • We also proudly follow the Fundraising Regulator's fundraising promise, to be respectful, open, honest and accountable to the public. Our standards for fundraising are set out in the Code of Fundraising Practice. You’ll find the Fundraising Regulator’s logo on all of our communications so that when you receive something from us you know you can trust it.

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