Annual Review and financial performance 2014

We knew when we took on the rescue of 130 bears on a rundown farm in China that 2014 was going to be a tough year. But we also knew that we had your support, as well as a hardworking team on board. Together we achieved the impossible – income of over US$11.6m in 2014, which saw us through this difficult year. A huge thank you for contributing to this amazing result.

To ensure that as much as possible of your contributions goes to help the animals in need, Animals Asia is committed to accountability and transparency and we strive to keep our spending for administration and governance, as well as the cost of generating donations, to a minimum.

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Note: The financial statements of the global offices of Animals Asia (including Head Office in Hong Kong) are subject to independent audit in each respective country. This is an unaudited summary of the latest financials of these offices.