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Recent Posts

Cub fun

25 March 2011, 22:27PM |

As Milo and Sean begin their long journey to recovery — gradually trusting people, gaining the size and confidence to finally meet up with other bears when they’re older, I wish we could reassure them that it’ll all be ok.


Toys help John, our grieving macaque

20 March 2011, 16:53PM |

ohn arrived with us many years ago at our bear rescue sanctuary in Chengdu. A poor macaque who had been someone's pet as a youngster, before he matured and began to behave like adult primates do. Faced with an unpredictable mammal with very large teeth and attitude, his owners decided he was too dangerous to handle and asked the local Forestry Department to help them find a home.


China rallies against bear farming

20 March 2011, 10:48AM |

This month gets more exciting by the day as the public rallies against bear farming in China. Just have a look here and see the progress that has escalated over the past few weeks, reminding me of advice many years ago from an official who simply said, “Start the debate in China”.



13 March 2011, 23:37PM |

What an exceptionally nice guy Morgan is. And incredibly brave too. Embarking on a solo motorbike journey of 20,000km in 115 days, visiting 10 countries, in a fundraiser which will help 10 charities - including us.


Tragedy in Japan

12 March 2011, 03:42AM |

Our hearts go out to the people of Japan following yesterday’s devastating earthquake and tsunami.


Being Leon

11 March 2011, 02:12AM |

Well he's not the most handsome bear in our family, but what Leon misses in looks, he more than makes up for in charisma! A gangly, fun-loving bear who has been with us in China for years, Leon's immune system had literally crashed during his terrible years on a bile farm.


To Zhai's progress

24 February 2011, 22:34PM |

Oh,this gorgeous black dog. For those of you enquiring how To Zhai (Rabbit) is doing – she is giving us a merry dance, that's for sure! Frustratingly, she is still in quarantine (well away from the bears and other dogs) after getting "the snuffles" at around Day 25 of keeping her isolated – which couldn't be more unfair.


Interesting news from China’s stock markets

15 February 2011, 11:42AM |

It began with a journalist in Yunnan Province who was so incensed to see that a bear farm was applying to be listed on a stock exchange that he began posting messages on Sina Weibo (the Chinese version of Twitter) — and it all went from there.


A big bear's heart!

11 February 2011, 01:17AM |

To friends and supporters – a smile for Valentine’s Day in the form of our black/brown hybrid bear – gorgeous Emma.


It’s always the eyes — and those belonging to this little guy just stared and stared hypnotically into ours, begging to be released from the cage and taken far, far away from this terrible place.