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The dream begins for 14 Vietnam bears

On Monday, the floor under the surgery table in Vietnam was puddled with blood. But my goodness did Dream, bear number V100, feel so much better once all her rotten teeth had been removed. Vet Kirsty, along with Caz, Rae and team all worked like troopers following the rescue of our 14 bears; bent double over this poor bear as they drilled, manoeuvred and removed teeth that had been the source of constant pain for at least 7 or 8 years.

Today is a new chapter in this campaign, as the farmer actually surrendered his bears with no expectation or request for funds. Tuan, our Vietnam Director has led a superb rescue and it is with never-ending pride that I pay tribute not only to our Vietnam team but to our Animals Asia staff worldwide so in harmony and impassioned until the very last farm has closed.

Today Dream is slowly improving in her roomy recovery cage and being spoiled rotten. Click here to read about her and the other bears that were rescued last week, with thanks from us all for your faith, help and care as we continue in our never ending goal of ending bear farming in China and Vietnam.

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