Rescued dogs getting every chance

The rescued market dogs now safe at the Qi Meng rescue centre are doing as well as can be expected. More or less our whole vet and senior bear team were there at the end of last week, including Monica, Jo, Sofie, Sally, Nic, Wendy, Alice, Howard, Rocky and Wen Yan, all working feverishly to complete the vaccinations and separating more dogs into areas, depending on their injuries and disease. 

Every day is different….. with good and bad news of dogs improving, and others succumbing to diseases such as distemper, which can incubate over the course of many weeks.

Monica, Wendy, Suki, Wen Yan and I spent the afternoon there again on Tuesday. The disease is by no means under control with more cases of distemper, despite the dogs being separated as a matter of course. 

The afternoon was spent again removing obviously unhealthy dogs from those that are healthy, and moving them to the quarantine area. Sadly, eight poorly dogs were euthanised as either very sick from the distemper, or with chronic and painful eye conditions, or simply not improved from the previous visit and skeletally thin with no quality of life.

On a good note, there were some dogs in the quarantine area that had drastically improved and we moved six of them into the "healthy" areas of the compound, with fingers crossed that they would now remain fit and well. They're definitely not out of the woods by a long way, but all have been vaccinated, are receiving proper food, have soft bedding and their accommodation is being cleaned each day by the dedicated staff of Qi Meng.

This lucky boy was enjoying some much needed love and attention….. because giving cuddles is all part of the cure.

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