Hands in the air!

Our truly amazing Australian ambassador has done it again - lovely celeb Peter Northcote and Bands for Bears member Brydon Stace, singer extraordinaire, were at Lalor Park Primary School special needs class where they had the kids with their hands up for the bears. 

Turning this blog over to none other than Peter himself who shows how a little time and a lot of passion can move mountains for the bears.
Peter, Brydon, Robby and Chris, you rock!

"On Tuesday the 22nd of November, myself and Brydon Stace went out to Lalor Park Primary School special needs class to talk about all things moon bears! The kids have been studying and learning all about Animas Asia since I returned from my trip to Chengdu in September. 

After seeing the short doco I did, Jill and moon bears have become an incredible passion for them all and being a special needs class it takes special things for these amazing kids to become so involved.
After the BANDS FOR BEARS concert in August, I was given a bear cub to name, so I thought it fit to pass the privilege onto the kids my girlfriend, Robby, teaches. They came up with 3 names.

ARVIE = The peoples friend.
PAXTON = from the peaceful farm, and
PETER ROBERT BAYNES (because Tommy thought it would look good when he signed his name).
Peter Robert Baynes was the obvious winner. 

They just LOVE moon bears. Robby and Chris (the teachers) have done an amazing job in teaching the kids and getting them involved in the projects, like poems, letters to Jill (and me), paintings, drawings and a huge mural that usurps the room….all centred around moon bears.

You must understand, all of the kids have varying degrees of autism. Some of the kids don’t really get along with people, but they love animals. They understand exactly what’s going on with the bear farms and they all despise the “Farmers”. One of the kids calls them “Villains”. But what resonates with all of them is they want to help Jill and Animals Asia as much as they can.

This is the wonderful thing about these kids. They only know how to be 100% honest. Mica and Cassy want to go to the sanctuary to volunteer (after Brydon explained what "volunteering" was and how to do it) and somehow I think this may well happen. Their passion is that strong.

I showed some pictures of PETER ROBERT BAYNES and we answered questions then had a sing along with some dancing to Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean". I gave out the ANIMALS ASIA kids school packs and some of my CDs and it was time to go home.

I hear from Robby that days later they are still singing Billy Jean and talking about PRB. Robby and Chris are amazing people. How they have managed to utilize the kids passion and creativity to help them understand just what a dire situation it is for moon bears and animals everywhere, is a testament to what amazing teachers they are. The love is strong in Lalor Park Primary. And as Corey says when he’s happy, “Hands in the air”…!



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