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Passion and compassion in harmony for the bears

The pictures and YouTube film can’t possibly replicate the evening featuring Bands for Bears in Sydney last week. Organised by the most incredible musician on the planet, Peter Northcote and his manager the lovely Tanti, the evening rocked for nearly five amazing hours. Twenty-six of Sydney’s most talented musicians joined together for a sell-out event highlighting the suffering of caged and farmed bears across Asia — and celebrating freedom for those lucky enough to have been rescued in China and Vietnam. These talented people put on a world-class show that you would normally see at places like Madison Square Garden — and the venue, Notes, just rocked.

Every performance was superb — talented singers every one, such as the amazing Brydon Stace belting out numbers like Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Love of My Life”, and tracks from Meatloaf's “Bat Out of Hell". It’s no exaggeration to say that the whole audience was in awe of the talent and showmanship put on during a truly memorable night.

Long-standing friend of Animals Asia David Keogh who first introduced us to Peter had said from the word go that he thought a partnership like this would work….. fusing passion for music and compassion for animals, which would bring even more people together to help the bears. And so it was........

Peter, for once, I have no words to describe how much you mean to us all. It was a privilege to host you on site in Chengdu a couple of weeks ago and to see the connection and empathy that you and Tanti shared with the bears. From the outset, Peter has been so genuine and committed to the cause and puts heart and soul into being involved without ever once waiting to be asked. Your performance last Monday was breathtaking..... every note a testament to the incredible musician you are. Here is Peter getting to know elderly Asia and (middle) taking To Zhai for a walk with Tanti.

Special thanks must also go to our own Anne Lloyd Jones and Jude Siekmann who never miss a beat and kept the Animals Asia side of things in order that night, and a final mention of thanks to another of our Australia ambassadors who joined us too — gorgeous celebrity Vet Dr Katrina Warren who never says no when it comes to helping the bears.

To all the performers here below — no words for how grateful we are to you all for giving up your time and for bringing the house down on a superbly unforgettable night:

Brydon Stace, Louise Anton, Scotty Aplin, Darryl Beaton, Dario Bortolin, Joseph Calderazzo, Luke Cuerden, Dave Ferry, Lloyd G, Paul Gray, Sarina Jennings, Andre Kaman, Adrian Keating, Barry Leef, Virginia Lillye, Dauno Martinez, Kevin Mendoza, Fab Omodei, Louise Perryman, Bobby Poulton, Nik Pringadi, Victor Rounds, Danny Marx-Young..... and of course, the amazing Peter Northcote himself.

Peter we love you to the moon — and back — and can’t thank you enough for your indescribable talent and passion that is driving our campaign ever closer to ending bear farming.

Read the full story and watch a clip of Bands for Bears.

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