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For the animals : 2013

19 December 2013

Sleeping bear

Warning tourists in Halong City

Ricky ready to cut up the moon bear cake

  • Bears at our China sanctuary consumed 148.76 tons of vegetables

Veggie loving bears

  • Our team held events in 167 schools in China, speaking with more than 200,000 students about our work to end bear bile farming.

Kids learning about our work to end bear bile farming

Dogs and Cats can be a partner in growth

  •  As part of Hong Kong-based superstar Karen Mok’s 20th anniversary event she chose Animals Asia as her featured charity. Karen has appeared in over 40 films and has released 15 albums to date. In 2008 she was a torch-bearer and performer at the Beijing Olympics. Karen is the number one female singer on Weibo with over 36 million followers
  • The kitchen team at Animals Asia’s Vietnam sanctuary made more than 22,000 fruit and vegetable ice blocks that were served up daily to the bears


  • More than 650,000 people attended 16 Animals Asia events in China, including a photo exhibition, charity sale and celebrity events
  • A total of 37 national congress members proposed to change the current wildlife protection law so that businesses like the cruel bear bile farming industry would be outlawed
  • Our China sanctuary received a visit from UK actress Lesley Nicol, who is watched by an estimated audience of 120 million internationally in her role as Mrs Patmore on TV’s “Downton Abbey”.  She followed an earlier trip by Animals Asia UK Ambassador Peter Egan who had also recently appeared in a Downton - a one off special watched by over 10 million people in the UK alone. 

Lesley at our China sanctuary

Peter Egan

Olivia stands up for the bears

  • We helped and funded over 144 companion animals groups in 59 cities across China – assisting in over 200 activities spreading the message of caring for cats and dogs – and reaching over 1,300,000 people
  • We received 2,153 poster contest entries from people in China voicing their opposition to animal performances, while over 10,000 people were involved in the online vote to find the best and help spread the word

Not Born to Perform

  • In the US we secured a letter of endorsement from the Chinese Herb Trade Association of America representing over 200 herb stores and companies across West Coast states as part of our campaign to end bear bile use.
  •  Bears at our sanctuaries were served 38,485 medicated shakes to assist in managing ongoing conditions mostly caused by their time in bile farms.

Medicated shakes for the bears

  • We took part in over 40 events across Italy including international fairs Fa La Cosa Giusta, Festival dell’Oriente and SANA, reaching out to approximately 180,000 people
  • Animals Asia groups across the UK raised £100,000 through their voluntary support
  • Chinese movie star Duan Yihong, with 2,627,058 followers on Sina Weibo signed on as a vocal supporter and bonded with Jasper during a visit.

Bonding with Jasper

  • We hosted the China Dog Ownership Management Symposium in China, co-organised by Humane Society International, which was attended by 62 government officials from 28 cities, with a total of over 170 delegates from 40 cities
  • Bears at our Vietnam sanctuary were fed 40,000kg of browse (eg banana leaves and jack fruit branches)

Delivering browse to the bears

  • Dr Dogs visited over 14,000 people during 309 visits to 76 organisations, while Professor Paws dogs reached children in 141 schools, sharing the message of caring for animals

Professor Paws

  • Italian eco-friendly bag and accessories maker Miomojo created a fantastic range of items exclusively, and free of charge for Animals Asia, funding an ophthalmology visit to improve the lives of our rescued bears in Vietnam and China, worth US$15,000

Our work continues 365 days a year.  On 1st January 2014, all the numbers above reset to zero and, with your help, we start again.