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Aid to quake dogs and cats

It’s just over a week since another devastating earthquake hit the province of Sichuan. Less than 100 miles away in Chengdu, our sanctuary rooms shook and it was inconceivable to think that villages around Ya'an at the epicentre were being devastated for the second time in under five years.

The quake had a magnitude of 6.6 and depth of 12km according to the US Geological Survey (USGS), but was measured as 7.0 by Chinese seismologists and is being reported as such by the Chinese media.

Mercifully, our sanctuary, staff and bears were all safe, but news quickly began circulating of those not so lucky who had lost their lives, their families, their friends. To date, over 200 people are reported killed and more than 8,000 injured (many seriously). With nearly 10,000 houses damaged too in the surrounding villages, our hearts go out to the victims and all those involved.

Despite thousands of aftershocks and severely broken and blocked roads, supplies are finally reaching those most in need, thanks to the brave rescue services.

We are helping the dogs and cats – animals whose lives had also been turned upside down by the loss of their families. Hurt, homeless, dehydrated and hungry they roam the rubble of their previous homes looking for the people they trusted, protected and loved most in the world.

Now essential supplies are reaching them too – water, food, dog bowls, tents, vaccines, needles, rescue cages, leashes, and protective suits for their carers. These brave local groups include the Qiming Animal Protection Centre, Chengdu Home of Love and Ya'an Animal Protection Centre with assistance from Ya'an Vet School, Chongqing Small Animal Protection and Xi'an Hongshiliu Animal Protection Centre.

Following the 2008 earthquake, Animals Asia worked in the field during the early tragic days but, today, with the roads blocked and the authorities trying to keep them free, we’re putting our resources where they're needed most and sending supplies to the groups working on the ground. With the vet school there, and with the assistance of the brave people mentioned above, the animals are quickly being helped, and the supplies are reaching those who need them the most.

The pictures here say it all - these two old men walked many miles to get dog food and medical aid for their dogs.

Please click on to our earthquake link and help us to help those so desperately in need. More supplies have been sent over the weekend and more too will be going out this week.

Again thanks to you for helping at this critical time, and our heartfelt condolences to all those who have been so tragically affected.


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