Chinese groups rescue 800 canines from dog meat trade

21 January 2015

800 dogs were rescued on site in China's Sichuan province 5

Animals Asia has paid tribute to Chinese animal welfare groups who rescued hundreds of dogs from an illegal dog meat racket in China's Sichuan province.

Suspecting a scrapyard in Luzhou city of illegally purchasing, transporting and slaughtering dogs for their meat, a coalition of animal welfare groups alerted the provincial Animal Health Department prompting a rescue on December 26.

Nearly 800 dogs were found on site including breeds such as border collies, German shepherds and golden retrievers many of which were still wearing collars – a sure sign they were much loved pets stolen by dog thieves.

Many dogs were still wearing collars

The dogs are now being cared for at a sanctuary run by Chengdu-based organisation Home of Love.

Irene Feng, Animals Asia's Cat and Dog Welfare Director, said:

"At Animals Asia, we're very familiar with many of the organisations involved in the rescue. We have a long history of working with Home of Love and the Chongquing Small Animal Protection Association assisting in the past with rescue action plans, veterinary support, vaccinations and donating much needed supplies."

"We're immensely proud to see the great work they are now capable of doing to protect dogs in China."

To fund the care of the 800 rescued canines, Home of Love launched a fundraising campaign online. It raised more than US$11,000 from Chinese animal lovers.

800 dogs were rescued on site in China's Sichuan province 2

Animals Asia founder and CEO, Jill Robinson, said:

"The trend of China's animal lovers standing up to cruelty shows no signs of stopping in 2015, and evidence is growing that the country's home-grown animal welfare organisations are ready to make a difference."

During the 2013 Ya'an earthquake, Animals Asia worked with Home of Love to provide vaccines and dog food in the stricken region.

In March 2013, Animals Asia provided the Chongqing Small Animal Protection Association with material donations and veterinary support during an animal rescue in Chongqing.

800 dogs were rescued on site in China's Sichuan province 1