Cat and dog meat trade

The cat and dog meat trade is a ongoing social problem in China that often involves criminal acts and even violence. 

Animals Asia's four-year investigation into the dog meat industry in China, published June 2015, uncovered no evidence of any large-scale breeding facilities in the country, supporting long-standing claims that the majority of so-called “meat dogs” are in fact stolen companion animals and strays.

Our report has given the authorities the fundamental knowledge to address such issue and we hope, the basics to bring about relevant legislation.

Our exhaustive investigation covered 15 cities in eight provinces in northeast, southern and central China, where dog eating is most prevalent.

2015_FOF_reports-report1_chart1The dogs farms located and visited were found to be farming dogs on a very small scale nowhere near large enough to supply the country’s appetite for dog meat.

Media reports estimate up to 10 million dogs are slaughtered annually for meat in China, yet not a single farm visited during our investigation showed evidence of large-scale breeding facilities, where 100-plus dogs were bred and raised.

Download and read the full reports:

Report 1: Lies, illegality and stolen lives: a true crime story

Report 2: The black market for dog and cat meat in China: Media reports 2001-2015

Report 3: China's rural dogs in crisis

Report 4: Attitudes to dog and cat eating in China

Animals Asia founder and CEO, Jill Robinson MBE:
“Our investigations strongly point to what everybody familiar with the industry has long suspected – that the vast majority of China’s dog meat comes from stolen companion animals and that misinformation and illegality is rife at every stage of the industry supply chain.”