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Dog Meat Campaign

About the Dog Meat Trade in Asia

It's estimated that in China alone,10 million dogs and 4 million cats, are slaughtered for the dog meat trade each year.

Dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes, many of them family pets still wearing their collars, are snatched from the streets and forced into tiny cages. Many suffer broken limbs as they are transported vast distances, without food or water.

When they finally arrive at the dog meat markets, injured, dehydrated and exhausted, they are forced to watch in terror as other dogs are bludgeoned to death or thrown still alive into boiling water to remove their skins.

Animals Asia has exposed the Asian dog meat trade's false claims that it farms dogs for food on 'dog meat farms'. Most 'meat dogs' are vulnerable strays or pets, stolen from their families.

New dog meat scandal uncovered by Animals Asia - find out more >>


What is the Yulin Dog Meat Festival?

Every June, the small city of Yulin in China holds an annual "Lychee and Dog Meat Festival", usually referred to as Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

Although the numbers of dogs killed at this 'dog eating festival' have been declining each year since 2015, when it comes to the dog and cat meat trade, the Yulin festival is sometimes seen as its flagship event.

But the truth is, the Yulin dog eating festival is just the tip of the iceberg, with the number of dogs slaughtered at the festival representing less than 0.01% of the Chinese dog meat trade as a whole.

This violent and crime-ridden trade doesn't end after Yulin when the cameras leave. It's alive all year round. Ending Yulin won't end dog eating.But ending dog eating will end Yulin.

That's why Animals Asia remains focused on the end game… Ending dog and cat eating in China, altogether.

Exposed: European supermarket discovered selling dog meat in China.

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Dog Cruelty in China

The dog meat industry has long claimed that it farms dogs for their meat, boasting more than 100 registered 'dog meat farms'.

But in 2015, a four-year undercover investigation by Animals Asia into the Chinese dog meat trade exposed these claims as false. None of its registered 'farms' had more than 30 dogs on-site and such small scale operations cannot possibly meet such a demand.

Some dog meat farms had even been registered under multiple names to manipulate figures, and cover-up the widespread dog and cat thefts which sustains this dirty industry.


New Dog Meat Scandal in China. Act now!

Animals Asia recently exposed French supermarket giant, Carrefour, selling dog meat products in China.

Carrefour is one of the largest supermarket chains in the world, with stores across Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa. We have no doubt that its customers the world over, will be sickened by its support of the violent and often criminal dog meat trade in China.

We first privately urged Carrefour to remove dog meat from its shelves, when it was discovered back in 2012. But as recently as 2016, dog meat products were discovered once again in some of Carrefour's stores in China.

We've given Carrefour every opportunity to stop selling dog meat, but instead they have continued to profit from this cruelty.

Take Action Now - Tell Carrefour to STOP Selling Dog Meat

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