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Environmental enrichment is vital to enhance the well-being of captive animals by providing key environmental stimuli. Enrichment means more than just giving animals the chance to “play”; it means giving them the chance to express their natural behaviour, which is essential for their physical and emotional well-being, and therefore for their welfare.

The bear management teams at our rescue centres in China and Vietnam provide enrichment on an ever-changing basis, ensuring the bears are continually active and interested in their environment. They have developed and produced their own enrichment toys, enclosure furniture and feeding implements. Both toys and enrichment food are rotated so every day is different, encouraging the bears to explore and forage.

The China team has produced the albums below to share their knowledge and help improve the lives of other captive animals. Please click to download.

Enrichment 1
Enrichment toy making


Bear in hammock
Non-food enrichment items and enclosure fixtures


Approved plant list
Approved plant list