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Sick rescued moon bear Rocky arrives home to sanctuary

09 August 2017

The next 24 hours will be crucial for poorly Rocky as an emergency examination is scheduled to assess her condition.

Moon bear Rocky was rescued yesterday (8 August 2017) from Sin Ho in Lai Chau province, Vietnam. Today, after a two-day journey she arrived at Animals Asia’s sanctuary in Tam Dao.

Rocky in cage 3

Having been immediately settled in quarantine to rest - she will receive a health check tomorrow (10 August 2017) at 9am local time.

Of greatest concern are what appear to be tumours that showed up during Rocky’s examination. Rocky had been anaesthetised so she could be removed from her cage. An ultrasound examination highlighted the abnormalities.

Health check for Rocky 5

Donate towards the cost of Rocky’s rescue and rehabilitation.

Rocky’s previous carers also confirmed she had not eaten for several days and had not eaten well for months. Animals Asia vets also discovered she had severe arthritis affecting all four limbs. Rocky is believed to weigh around 50kgs around 30kgs short of what a bear of her size might be expected to weigh.

Animals Asia Senior Vet Mandala Hunter Ishikawa said:

“It was clear from the outset that Rocky is a very sick bear. Her slight frame and lack of muscle was disturbing and what we could see on the ultrasound would appear to be the cause of this loss of appetite and sickness.

“It has been especially gratifying to see Rocky respond on her journey ‘home’ in her transport cage. Clearly the pain medication meant that she was more comfortable than she had been in some time. In addition she responded well to being given banana leaves for nesting, with some of her natural instincts stirring after so long in an empty rusty metal cage.

“Beyond that - a thorough examination will be able to give us a clear idea of Rocky’s condition and the pain she has been living with. What we know so far is very worrying - but we can only hope for good news.”

Before the rescue Rocky had been in the same cage for over a decade. It’s claimed she was being kept as an exotic pet.

Animals Asia has rescued almost 600 bears - mostly from the bear bile trade - and continues to care for nearly 400 in China and Vietnam.