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#moonbearmonday: Rescued Fynn reaches for the sky

19 August 2014


Rescued from a bile farm in Vietnam in 2010, moon bear Fynn has been enjoying the space and freedom of sanctuary life ever since.

Discovered as an illegal “unchipped” bear, Fynn and pal Bosley were confiscated by forestry officials. Still a young bear, thankfully Fynn has much of his life ahead of him.

Despite this relative youth, Fynn likes to mix it with the big boys. A very sociable bear, he’s always at the heart of the fun in his bear house - hanging out with the gang that includes Bosley.

And it doesn’t matter if he’s wrestling with friends or at the top of the tallest sanctuary structures - his big ears means he’s an easy spot.

Animals Asia Vet and Bear Team Director Vietnam, Annemarie Weegenaar said:

“Fynn is a very active young boy who has slowly started to grow into his ears but they are still an easy way to recognise him - together with a snip of white hair on his nose. He has filled out a bit now that he is older, compared to his very lanky body over the last few years. Fynn and Bosley (pictured below) are still great friends but far from exclusive pals - Fynn is a very social bear and tends to play with many bears in his group.”

Bosley at Animals Asia's sanctuary in Vietnam

Fynn's first hint of the changes in store for him came in the transport cage as he was moved from the bear bile farm to Animals Asia’s sanctuary.

The farmer told us that he had been feeding Fynn and Bosley bowls of pumpkin and green bean soup, rice with sugar and cow bones.

Far from the worst diet we’ve encountered on bear bile farms but, all the same, Fynn excitedly demolished a watermelon as a travel snack on the way home. 

By that stage, Fynn was beginning to get a taste of what was to come.