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#moonbearmonday : Kainara swings, Dick doesn't

05 February 2014

Happy #moonbearmonday!

So who is the King of the Swingers at Animals Asia’s China sanctuary?

Well on this evidence its Kainara who's up first in this video showing a wonderfully relaxed swinging technique.  Not so comfortable is Dick Bear who just can’t manage to make his swing work despite his best efforts.

The swings are a small part of an environment created to keep the bears active and stimulated.  So do all bears love to swing?

Bear manager Heidi explains:

“We go to great lengths at both our sanctuaries to ensure our bears have enclosures which encourage natural behaviours such as playfulness. We provide swings and platforms, tyres and hammocks - all things designed to let our bears choose how they spend their days. Of course like people, some bears are better when it comes to things like playing on swings than others. In fact some bears ignore the swings all together. It all comes down to giving the bears the opportunity to choose for themselves how they spend their days- something they were often denied before rescue.”

Which only leaves us to add - have a swingingly good week!

Happy Moon Bear Monday!