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Moon bears feature in rock video

23 June 2014

Legendary Guns and Roses drummer, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Grammy Award-winning musician and now Animals Asia Ambassador, Matt Sorum has released a track dedicated to giving a voice to bile-farmed moon bears and abused animals around the world.

Entitled “For the Wild Ones”, the video for the 4-minute blast of emotive rock features footage of moon bears in Animals Asia sanctuaries as well as bears suffering on bear bile farms.

The track has already received positive reviews being described by All Music as a “vintage blast of open-road classic rock”.

Matt Sorum said:

"I wrote the song 'For the Wild Ones' using the song as a voice for wildlife and animals worldwide. My love of animals has always been there but now I am using my voice to try and protect the endangered and abused." 

"I came up with the concept for the video to show the destruction and human abuse of animals. Most people don't want to look but the suffering is rampant, but I also show the beauty of these magnificent God-given creatures to try and get people to think.”

Today, as an Animals Asia Ambassador, Matt campaigns tirelessly to bring about change.

Matt said:

“When I saw the plight of the moon bears I could not look away. I am now US Ambassador and working to get the word out and raise awareness.

“A song seemed the perfect way to do that in my world. I included before and after images of moon bears in bear bile farms and after being rescued at Animals Asia Sanctuaries.”

Among the footage is caged bears such as Iris and Erdi rescued by Animals Asia in 2010 and later released to grassy enclosures in Chengdu, China. Sweet moon bear Jasper, caged for 15 years, is seen running with his friends in Chengdu’s House 2, while Georges, is seen splashing around in a pool without a care in the world at our Vietnam sanctuary.

Animals Asia founder and CEO, Jill Robinson MBE explained how she met the legendary drummer:

“Like everybody, it’s fair to say I’m a fan of Guns and Roses and was lucky enough to see them live in Maddison Square Garden. So I was pinching myself when I received a tweet from the legendary Matt Sorum who asked if he could have an Animals Asia t-shirt. Next thing I knew I was in the US to give presentations on bear bile farming and meeting him for a lunch. Later we were at his studio doing an interview and having a giggle recording a short YouTube clip of something special he magicked up, called ‘This is for the Moon Bears’.”

“Since then, we've become friends and he has also kindly become our Animals Asia US Ambassador in support of ending bear bile farming in China and Vietnam.”

On hearing Matt’s latest release, Jill Robinson said:

“I think ‘For the Wild Ones’ is simply superb. Matt is calling on listeners to be aware and not just turn away.”

“We're all hugely proud that Matt has helped the bears so publicly in this incredible song, and that people will relate to the ‘the bear’s a punk rocker’ line and be inspired to help instigate change.”

As US Ambassador for Animals Asia Matt Sorum fully supports Animals Asia’s Peace by Piece campaign to turn a bear bile farm in Nanning, China into a bear sanctuary.

He is the “surrogate father” of moon bear Hazel, a gentle bear who is believed to have suffered on Nanning Bear Farm since around 2003. Despite having been cruelly declawed and suffering from an eye defect, she remains a sweet, trusting bear.

“For the Wild Ones” is available now as part of the “Stratosphere” album by Matt Sorum’s Fierce Joy.