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Moon bear Monday: Learning about Lexa

18 March 2014

Lexa is easily identified by his white muzzle and gorgeous mickey mouse ears

Happy #moonbearmonday!

After coming across this striking picture by Wang Run, we just had to find out more about this handsome bear with the white muzzle and perfectly round Mickey Mouse ears.

When we asked around at the CBRC, Assistant Team Leader Lu Wen Juan had this to say about the enigmatic bear:

“He lives leisurely every day. In the early morning, he forages over the whole enclosure till his tummy is full. Then at lunch time, he takes a dip in the pool, before spending the rest of the day sunbathing.”

It seems swimming and eating sum up Lexa’s passions. Corroborating Lu Wen Juan’s description is this excellent piece of creative writing from talented Team Leader Tao Hongliang who submitted this for a book about the bears. The prose turned out to be a little long but their loss is our gain. Our bears are constantly watched for signs of problems or ill health – hence this beautiful summing up of Lexa’s Day.

Lexa’s Day

“Nobody in the world knows what his behavior means nor what he thinks. But we believe he is happy.

“It was sunny. He indulged himself in the cool swimming pool. He might be a little tired but he was satisfied.

“Today's food was plenty, the toys were novel. These kept him busy for a while. Even though he has put on some weight recently, it never undermines his desire to eat and play.

“This is his enclosure, this is his pool. If any other bear dares to enter his property, he won’t hesitate to drive them away (see the pic below).

“In this house, there are other nine bears. Eight of them will make concessions. The ninth bear, Ginger doesn't like taking baths, so she never gets in his way either.

“He hears footsteps. He slowly lifts up his one-of-a-kind yellow-white face from the water and listens carefully.

“It must be the bear team preparing the food. He jumps out of the pool and hurries towards the dens. But he stops half way and starts to eat grass idly. He’s noticed the enclosure doors are still closed.

“Things quiet down. Lexa knows everything is ready. He wanders leisurely to the door and quietly waits. He is waiting for the moment of his feast, his happy moment.”

Happy #moonbearmonday everyone – make sure you get your happy moment.

Lexa - what's mine is mine!