Moon bear Monday: Kollo sees the light

15 April 2014


Happy #moonbearmonday!

Handsome Kollo has been at our Vietnam sanctuary since 2010. At the time he was suffering from cataracts in both his eyes rendering him completely blind.

But an inquisitive guy like Kollo can’t be kept down by a little blindness. Staff remember when introduced to a new enclosure, blind Kollo boldly climbed straight up to the second floor of a platform on his first outing. Unfortunately, he then got stuck and had to be coaxed down with honey coated fresh fruit and lots of encouraging calls from his bear mates!

A major turnaround in Kollo’s life was when the VBRC was lucky enough to receive a visit from two ophthalmology specialists in April 2012. After analyses they decided that his cataracts could be removed and promptly began surgery.

The operation was a complete success and everyone at Animals Asia – most of all Kollo – is incredibly grateful to our guests for restoring his sight.

As soon as his four week period of coalescence was over, Kollo was reunited with best pal Baerli who gave him the biggest bear hug of his life.

It is almost exactly two years since Kollo first saw again. His vision is still impaired, but the improvement is very visible in this fun-loving bear who is always quick to integrate with new arrivals.

Bear Team leader of Kollo’s house, Dao Chau Tuan said:

“Kollo is a smart bear who's keen on discovering every new toy offered. He loves the tyre swings – spinning round as he's hanging above the ground. He looks cutest when he is alone sitting in a "kangaroo posture" with his two front legs hanging straight down over his belly. Despite his impaired vision he forages well and always manages to track down the tasty enrichment items in the enclosure. After foraging, he and best friend Baerli spend their time playing with each other and never seem to get bored.”

Happy #moonbearmonday everyone!