Moon Bear Monday: Birgit enjoys the easy life

07 April 2014

Birgit swims 1

Happy #moonbearmonday!

Summer looks like it’s finally arriving in the north of Vietnam which means the bears in our Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre are about to start using the pool a whole lot more.

And if anyone in Tam Dao loves to swim – it’s Birgit. This collection of pictures was taken last year when juvenile Birgit was doing what everyone loves doing in the water – floating on her back, while eating her favourite snack.

It’s a far cry from the life Birgit almost suffered. She was brought to Animals Asia in 2011 having been intercepted by police in Dien Bien province being smuggled from Laos into the illegal bile trade.

If the authorities hadn’t been quick to act and call Animals Asia for assistance, Birgit would have been doomed to spend her entire life in a tiny cage suffering regular bile extractions.

Happily, she now spends her days hanging out with best pal Faith as bear team leader of house 1 and 2, Pham Thi Hao explains:

“Birgit loves playing with her best friend Faith and often shares a basket with her when it comes to bed time. She enjoys being in the swimming pool and apple is her favourite food.”

Right then, who’s for a dip?

Happy #moonbearmonday everyone!

Birgit swims 3

Birgit swims 4

Birgit swims 5

Birgit swims 6

Birgit swims 7