Hello Kitty joins the fight to end bear bile farming

13 June 2014

Asian super-brand Hello Kitty has backed Animals Asia’s campaign to end bear bile farming by highlighting the NGO throughout its glitzy 40th Anniversary road shows.

From May until the end of the year,Hello Kitty’s eight-city anniversary tour will bring the fight against bear bile farming to a whole new audience in China as Animals Asia mascot moon bear Moonie shares the stage with the iconic Hello Kitty.

The tour’s first stop was Shanghai’s Global Harbor Mall where TV host Wu Xin called on the audience to protect their country’s moon bears.

On May 31, Wu Xin – who hosts wildly popular TV show Happy Camp – was joined on stage by Animals Asia’s Director of External Affairs, Toby Zhang who was given the opportunity to present Animals Asia’s efforts to end bear bile farming to the attending public and media.

Toby Zhang said:

“It was a pleasure to attend the event in Shanghai, which was really well organised. The audience was fantastic and I’m sure many of them have been moved by hearing the realities of bear bile farming.”

Wu Xin and Animals Asia's Toby Zhang

Hello Kitty brand manager Cherry Zhang also designed “Love Kitty – Love Moonie” T-shirts that are available to buy directly at the roadshows.

As the exhibition travels throughout the country, additional celebrity designed Moonie products will become available with all income kindly donated to Animals Asia.

So far actress Jiang Yiyan and TV host Wu Xin have also designed limited edition T-shirts for Animals Asia, with other stars expected to follow suit.

Animals Asia founder and CEO Jill Robinson MBE said:

“We can’t thank Hello Kitty enough for choosing to partner with Animals Asia at these prestigious events. The Hello Kitty brand is huge all over Asia so to see Moonie alongside Hello Kitty is a dream come true for us and has brought our message to a whole new audience. And I’m sure that the fantastic T-shirt designs and other merchandise will continue to benefit us in the future – I want one!”

Toby Zhang delivers his speech