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Fundraising Peace by Piece clothing range launched

14 July 2014

Animals Asia is pleased to announce our fundraising partnership with Float Apparel to bring you limited edition designs, available for one week only, on a range of t-shirts, tank tops and hats.

Most importantly, US$8 from EVERY ITEM purchased will go directly to our Peace by Piece campaign and help take 130 bears from farm to freedom.

Click to shop right now!

As you can see from Float's page, we have a fundraising goal for the campaign — help us hit our target and provide these bears with the care they deserve:

  • $150 can feed a bear for a month
  • $800 can purchase a weigh scale - vital to monitor bear weights and prescribe appropriate drug amounts.
  • $1,350 can cover the cost of the next three health checks and surgeries in Nanning.
  • $2,500 can help construct toys and enrichment to engage and stimulate these bears who have spent too long staring at cage bars.

The Peace by Piece campaign
Having taken over custody of the bears in Nanning, China in May 2014, Animals Asia has already started to dramatically improve their lives. The initial steps towards transforming the Nanning Flower World bear farm into a sanctuary involved establishing a new feeding regime and correcting the bears’ diet. Rice gruel and corn buns have been replaced with a variety of fruit, vegetables and dog biscuits, while the feeding process was streamlined to reduce stress for the bears.

At the beginning of June, our vet team arrived from Chengdu to begin the first health checks. In a makeshift clinic, the bears were anaesthetised and laid out on the floor. With temperatures reaching a sweltering 36C, the team worked for three days performing physical exams, ultrasound scans and dental surgeries.

The next step will be to improve the mental health of all the bears, many of which are exhibiting stereotypical behaviors — the repetition of unnatural actions such as pacing, head swaying, and bar biting.

Other changes will involve improving hygiene and sanitation practices, introducing safety procedures, developing bear records that staff will use to monitor health and behavior and, of course, building a whole new sanctuary!

It’s going to be a long and expensive journey from farm to freedom but together we can achieve peace for these amazing creatures.

The T-shirts
Float’s limited edition Peace by Piece designs will be available from Monday 14 to Sunday 20 July.

All t-shirts, tank tops and hats can be shipped internationally and the more shirts you order, the lower the shipping cost per shirt. For more information please visit, Float – Frequently Asked Questions

Help us turn this farm into a sanctuary — buy a Float t-shirt now or donate directly via the Peace by Piece website.

A big thank you to Float for selecting Animals Asia as their “cause of the week” and to you for your support — we hope you enjoy your new purchase!