China's Rapidly Growing Animal Welfare Movement

07 February 2014

Problems with animal welfare in China are widely documented and ongoing. 

However, to balance reports of cruelty it is only fair that we look too at the progress that is being made and the astounding growth of animal welfare activism. Animals Asia founder Jill Robinson writes on this topic for the Huffington Post this week.

Here's a snippeactivists in Chinat: 

"In many ways, the animal welfare movement in China is maturing far faster than it ever did in the West. Without any laws to protect domestic, wild and endangered species from abuse, the animals are seeing significant victories as a result of the rising internal movement to champion their plight.

"The past couple of years have seen Chinese animal welfare advocates ban the US rodeo from entering Beijing, demonstrate against the import of seal parts from Canada, end barbaric live animal feeding in zoos, prevent the construction of a foie gras factory and rescue thousands of dogs and cats from the meat trade. The social networks are overflowing each and every day with the movement's latest successes, giving more and more young environmentalists the confidence to join."

Read the full article here.

Animal protester
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