Billboard campaign brings awareness to millions

18 July 2014


Billboard campaigns at China’s bustling Hangzhou Airport will bring Animals Asia’s message on bear bile farming, cruel animal performances and cat and dog welfare to a key audience.

Super-busy Hangzhou Airport, which serves 23 million passengers annually, has agreed to host the poster campaigns for a minimum of one month.

Animals Asia’s animal welfare team has designated Hangzhou province a key battleground in the fight against animal performance due to the fact that both Hangzhou Zoo and Hangzhou Safari Park continue to host large-scale animal performances in defiance of a government directive on the issue.


Dave Neale, Animals Asia’s Animal Welfare Director said:

“While some animal facilities continue to flout the country’s ministerial directives in search of quick profits, it’s imperative that the people’s awareness of the issue is raised so that they can make an informed choice. We strongly believe that when faced with the cruelty behind the façade, people will turn away from animal performance.”

The anti-animal performance posters are joined by images advocating dogs and cats as friends not food and a celebrity campaign against the still-legal bear bile industry.


Actress Karen Mok, singer Sun Li and actor Duan Yihong lent their status to the awareness raising campaign while actorZhang Yi was the face of Animals Asia’s “healing without harm” message advocating herbal alternatives to bear bile.

Animals Asia founder and CEO, Jill Robinson MBE said:

“It’s a message for hearts and minds. Education and awareness raising is a cornerstone of what we do to heighten understanding on key animal welfare issues like animal performance and bear bile farming. Public opinion will be key in changing laws and law enforcement so to have the support of a major institution like Hangzhou Airport and our wonderful celebrity ambassadors is critically important at this time.”

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