Bears in Asia benefit from UK taxpayer kindness

08 October 2020

Imagine if for every four pieces of vegetables bought by supporters’ donations for our rescued bears, they got another one for free? Does it sound like it’s too good to be true? In a sense, it’s actually happening in reality thanks to the UK government’s Gift Aid scheme!

In the UK charities can benefit from the government-supported tax-back scheme Gift Aid. This initiative means that the donations of supporters who have submitted a Gift Aid declaration are worth a quarter more to Animals Asia which makes a huge extra contribution to our programme work. So far this year donors ensured Animals Asia receives almost a quarter of a million pounds more in donations at no extra cost to themselves thanks to Gift Aid.

However UK charities are missing out on a whopping £560 million in unclaimed Gift Aid every year. If you’re a UK tax payer, you can help to stop this waste, and send more funds to abused animals in Asia. It’ll only take a couple of minutes… and your gifts (including any gifts made in the last four years) will be worth a quarter more.*

What does Gift Aid mean to the bears?

Each year we raise enough money from Gift Aid to: 

  • Feed 40 hungry bear tummies for 10 months

Or to give 33 broken bears the chance of llfe-saving surgery

Please don’t miss this chance to make a profound additional impact on the lives of the bears and other animals you care so much about.

If you’re a UK donor please submit a Gift Aid declaration now.