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Animals Asia’s message gets a “lift” - reaching 150m Chinese people in 80 cities

18 February 2016


A video posted by Animals Asia (@animalsasia) on Feb 17, 2016 at 5:59pm PST


For 150 million Chinese waiting for a lift will no longer be wasted seconds - instead they’ll be played a quick animal welfare message.

With millions of Chinese people living in apartments - they’ll potentially see the 15 second message over and over again. The short clip shows illustrations of muzzled bears, and elephants and monkeys performing circus tricks. It includes an alternative vision of animals in the wild, finishing with Animals Asia’s “Until the Cruelty Ends” strapline.

The incredible deal to show the movie, absolutely free of charge, to such a wide audience across 80 cities was brokered by journalist and animal lover Zhang Dan who approached the Chairman of Focus Media Jiang Nanchun who was happy to help out.

The clip includes an alternative vision of animals in the wild

The movie images are taken from hand paintings by Animal Asia animal welfare volunteer Yan Liping - who describes them as a little boy trying to draw a better future for suffering animals. They were inspired by Animals Asia’s No Voice No Choice campaign.

Animals Asia founder and CEO Jill Robinson said:

“I can think of no better way to reach people - in their homes and their workplaces - a captive audience becoming aware of Animals Asia and what we stand for. This wasn’t the place for shock tactics and any attempt would likely have seen the longevity of this broadcast curtailed.

“What is most gratifying is seeing people give what they can. A caring journalist with contacts, an animal lover running an advertising business, an artist with a gift. People power can end animal cruelty and we can all contribute.”

Animals Asia has rescued nearly 600 bears from bear bile farming in China and Vietnam and continues to care for nearly 250 at its China sanctuary in Chengdu and on a former bear farm in Nanning. Alongside its campaign to end bear bile farming it also works to promote captive animals and dog and cat welfare - including lobbying for an end to the cat and dog meat trade.