The unBEARable Challenge

What is the unBEARable Challenge?

When it comes to our rescued bears there isn't much we wouldn't do...but what would YOU do? 
Become 'unbearably challenged' and do something you'd find simply unBEARable for animals.

Your unBEARable challenge could be anything from doing 50 pushups, to remaining calm near a spider, to running a 10K, to going vegan for a month!  GET INVOLVED and GET PREPARING your unBEARable challenges in 2018.

Here's how it works:

1) ORDER YOUR FREE DOWNLOADABLE PACK BELOW ~ there are many different unBEARable challenges to choose from.

2) CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS ~ do one challenge yourself and dish out some to your friends in our little cage challenge holders.

3) GET SPONSORSHIP ~ get sponsored to undertake your challenge


5) SHARE YOUR PHOTOS AND VIDEOS ~ we want to see! #unBEARable

Don't worry...if you want to FORFEIT and not do your unbearable challenge.  You could... 
Do something BEARable instead and make a minimum $10 donation 
PASS IT BACK to the person who challenged you and double the donation! (remember this will be you)
Pass on the unBEARable challenge to someone else and pay a forfeit - donation of $10 

So, what you waiting for? Join in on the fun and do something unBEARable to make a difference for animals today! 

How to get involved:

It couldn't be easier to get take part.  Simply register above to receive your fundraising pack which contains step by step instructions on how to get involved:

Send someone an unBEARable challenge RIGHT NOW ONLINE!

Using our very clever online challenge generator why not challenge your friends and family to do something unBEARable as well? Simply visit this link Then tweet, text, email or facebook them their personalised link. What are you waiting for!


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Send us the money you've raised

Use the unBEARable donation page to send the money you raised from your event: