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This year Animals Asia invites you to take part in the Big Bear Stretch.  

What is the Big Bear Stretch?
One of the most important teachings of yoga is compassion and we know that the yoga community has that in droves.  By holding a karma class you will give your students a chance to enjoy their practice but also know that they are helping to stop animal suffering at the same time. Why not be a 'yogi for animals' by offering your practice to help stop animal cruelty?

As the mantra 'lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu' reminds us – 'may all beings be happy and free and may my actions contribute to that happiness and freedom'.

How to get involved:

Are you a yoga teacher? Great! It's really easy to get involved. 
All you have to do is hold a class for charity.  This can be one of your regular classes, a special fundraising class or perhaps you might even like to host a mini workshop? It can be yoga, meditation, mantra or even a get together of yogi friends.  Get your free fundraising step by step guide today to make a huge difference to the lives of millions of animals in Asia.

Are you a yoga student?  Know a local yoga teacher? Or even just an animal lover who wants to make an impact?
We encourage everyone to get involved with this event so why not ask at your local yoga class if they would like to be involved in hosting a ‘Big Bear Stretch'?  Maybe you could arrange the event and ask a teacher to give their time for one hour to come along and teach your attendees?  Get your free fundraising pack today for a step by step guide on how to take part.  

You don’t have to be a seasoned yogi to join in. Even if you have never tapped a toe on a yoga mat, it doesn’t matter.  Yoga is for everyone!

Your free fundraising pack will have everything you need to host your own Big Bear Stretch from sequencing suggestions to a ‘little bear stretch’ yoga class for kids. 
We recommend that when you hold an event to raise funds for Animals Asia, you obtain the necessary insurance.



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