Annual Review and financial performance 2013

Animals Asia’s financial statements allow us to show our donors how their contributions are helping us to reach our goals.

We are committed to ensuring accountability and transparency and we strive to keep our spending for administration and governance as well as the cost of generating donations to a minimum so that as much as possible of our donors’ contributions go towards helping the animals in need.

Along with a greatly increased investment in our systems and infrastructure, 2013 also saw Animals Asia increasing its expenditure on its core programmes by over 15% (US$965,000). This additional spending on our programmes has meant that, despite the increase in supporter donations in 2013, Animals Asia saw a shortfall which was more than covered by reserves built up from surpluses in previous years.

As an accountable charity, we always aim to hold sufficient reserves in line with the minimum levels recommended by various charity bodies to ensure the continuity of our services.

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Source of revenue by region

Programme expenditure

Income (US$M)
Supporter contributions $8.940
Merchandise sales $0.121
Investment and other $0.167
Expenditure (US$M)               
Programmes $7.263
Cost of income generation $2.138
Administration and governance $0.737

Note: The financial statements of the global offices of Animals Asia (including Head Office in Hong Kong) are subject to independent audit in each respective country. This is an unaudited summary of the latest financials of these offices.