Financial Performance

Animals Asia strives to keep both administration and fundraising costs as low as possible to ensure that the donations we receive directly benefit our projects. Expenditure on our projects is carefully controlled and monitored to ensure that funds are being used effectively.

We operate two Moon Bear Rescue Centres – one in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China, and one in Tam Dao National Park, Hanoi, Vietnam – which are the focal points for our largest project, End Bear Bile Farming.

Annual Review 2012

Annual Review 2011

Annual Review 2010

Operating expenditure

1 Jan to 31 Dec 2012 (US$’000) | Updated April 2013

2011 programme surplus 1,012
2012 income 8,688
Programmes 6,298
Fundraising 1,790
Administration 849
Balance carried forward for future years 763

Global income by source

Chinese and Vietnam 262
United Kingdom 1,778
Germany, Austria, Switz & Lux 1,092
Italy 471
Australia and New Zealand 1,874
United States 1,938
HK and other Asian countries 1,273
Total 8,688

Global income by donor type

Individual 6,683
Foundation 809
Association 117
Support group 214
Corporate 820
School 45
Total 8,688

Global expenditure by programme

End Bear Farming 5,376
Cat & Dog Welfare 638
Zoos and Safari Parks 284
Total 6,298

Note: The financial statements of the global offices of Animals Asia (including Head Office in Hong Kong) are subject to independent audit in each respective country. This is an unaudited summary of the latest financials of these offices.