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Recent Posts

Carney taken on St Pat's Day

19 March 2009, 09:11AM |

As visiting ophthalmologists Claudia and David from Animal Health Trust are here with us on site at our sanctuary in Chengdu, so generously giving their time to bring sight back to some of our blind bears, these days were meant to be filled with wonder and joy as bears such as Snoopy will hopefully be able see for the very first time.


Four good years

15 March 2009, 11:43AM |

The dreaded “policeman’s knock” came at 9.20am on Thursday. It was Jill on the line, her voice trembling slightly: “Oh Ange, I’m so sorry ….” I knew immediately it was Mafi.


Many voices, one passion

14 March 2009, 13:53PM |

I wish you could have been at the Sichuan Hotel this weekend, hearing the leaders of 49 animal-welfare groups and 18 vet clinics across China speaking about the successes and struggles of rescuing animals, caring for animals – and giving animals their voice. 

With generous funding from major sponsors Humane Society International (HSI), we were able to fund flights and accommodation for the delegates – almost none of whom would have been


Goodbye Mafi

14 March 2009, 10:08AM |

Why does it always happen like this? Just when we celebrate the life of a bear (Jasper’s this week), we lose the life of one we hold so dear. Mafi's behaviour was typical for this time of year – a semi-dormancy, which sees the bears eating less and sleeping more.


Celebrating Sir Jasper

13 March 2009, 20:55PM |

Nic actually bowed as she came into the surgery this morning and Belinda beamed as she held (and smelled) his earthy paw.


Professors with wet noses

12 March 2009, 23:35PM |

Having 170 kids and 20 dogs together in one school was potentially a recipe for chaos and it almost seemed like that at first glance. But as our Professor Paws Fun Day finally got under way, it soon became clear that kids and dogs alike were having a ball – while learning at the same time.


So many people have followed blind Wilfred's story from when he first arrived with us in March 2008. Affectionately known as "Watermelon" because it was the only thing he would eat after being offloaded from the truck, this gorgeous boy is a profound example of how bears heal and forgive after being abused and deprived on the hell-hole farms.


Wilfred's fan mail

09 March 2009, 00:00AM |

PS: Judy Blythe, one of our brilliant volunteers who was out here helping to care for Wilfred, saw the last blog and couldn't help herself, gushing about this gorgeous boy. Poodley (now Haribo) is also doing brilliantly well today.


In our backyard

02 March 2009, 00:57AM |

Here is our UK Director, Dave Neale's heart-wrenching story of how battery hens are raised and treated in the UK and why, with just a little forethought we, as individual consumers, can drastically improve their lives.


Your messages mean a lot

02 March 2009, 00:00AM |

As you know, it’s been a hectic couple of months for us, starting with the heartbreaking rescue of 149 sick and skeletal dogs from an illegal meat trader on New Year’s Eve. Then we had the arrival of 13 new farmed bears at our Chengdu sanctuary, the brown bears’ move to their new enclosure – and so it goes on.