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Just recently, we received a message that an online forum in China had been inundated with hits after someone posted a piece about his family being absolutely horrified to hear that toothpaste containing bear bile was being advertised and sold.

Over 200,000 people had visited the site, leaving outraged comments decrying bear farming after learning that bile came from such diseased and dying victims. More and more pictures of caged and suffering bears (including many of our images) are being posted, with the storm of protest growing each day.

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who is willing to speak out - loud and proud - against the bear farming industry, giving hope to over 7,000 bears lying in agony on the farms.

We say again to anyone reading this - bear bile is unnecessary and unconscionably cruel, and we all have the power of change in our hands to end the suffering of animals who have spent decades being caged and tortured. Please use the internet to make your voices heard. Make a difference today.

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