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End the wait for Vietnam's bears

The bear lies helpless on the ground. For the fourth time this month, she’s been drugged with ketamine – an illegal substance in Vietnam used by the farmers to render the bears unconscious and take their bile.

Her eyes blink and her paws move as the operator jabs a four-inch needle into her abdomen time and time again, trying to locate her gall bladder. Once located, the mechanical pump is turned on and her bile runs into a jar while a crowd of Korean tourists look on smiling and hand over their money to buy a hangover cure.

This hideous practice is all the more unbelievable given that bear farming is illegal in Vietnam – and that legislation should have done its job and confiscated this bear and 78 others into our care.

Please, please help us release her from her pain – join our global letter-writing appeal and urge the Vietnamese government to do the right thing. It’s just a few minutes of your time – but for her, it’s the rest of her life….

Please click here now. Thank you. Together we can do this.

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