Look who's taking the MTR!

I'm simply bursting with excitement to unveil a landmark moment in our journey towards a more animal-inclusive Hong Kong.

Outside the MTR

Our very own heroes, our beloved Dr Dogs, are about to embark on an extraordinary adventure. For the first time in history, on International Dog Day, 26 August, the MTR is extending a gracious invitation to our Dr Dogs to travel across their network. It's not only a thank you to our Dr Dog program that's compassionately served society for over three decades –  it's also a monumental stride in companion animal welfare in Hong Kong.

This unique collaboration will be the first time dogs other than guide dogs will be allowed to ride the trains in Hong Kong – our furry ambassadors for a more harmonious coexistence.

Dr Dog_volunteer_child

This magical collaboration came to life after we approached the MTR with the idea last year.They embraced it wholeheartedly, making a grand gesture to celebrate Animals Asia’s 25th anniversary and show appreciation for our Dr Dog program!


Now, let's spread this fantastic news far and wide - if you'd like to know more about how you can celebrate this groundbreaking initiative with us, please see our full story here.

On International Dog Day, let's be loud and proud. Let's spark conversations and inspire action for a more compassionate and progressive society.