A little bear's big life

Many of you remember Franzi....our diminutive, beautiful bear who had spent over two decades in the smallest cage we had ever seen.

Franzi rescueWrapping us firmly around her paws from the second she arrived, her story has now been published in a new book of bear stories from across the globe.

Bear Necessities sees stories from authors around the world that shine the most wonderful spotlight on ursine species everywhere. My story of Franzi shares the utter forgiveness of a bear that was used as a machine until her rescue, and her final years of happiness and peace.

Franzi garden

You can get a preview of the book and read the full story on the links below.

Franzi: Beloved Ambassador for Bears on Bile Farmsfranzi - straw

Edited by Lisa Kemmerer and published by Brill - more details about the book are available here: http://www.brill.com/products/book/bear-necessities