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UK Tour 2015

Thanks to our truly brilliant team in the UK - and to the tireless work of fantastic support groups along the way, our UK tour this year was everything we'd hoped for, and more.

Sharing our highs and lows with supporters who have become lifelong friends was, as ever, one of the highlights of the year and inspires us to work even harder, helping animals who depend on us all.

Special thanks to our UK Patron Virginia McKenna, and Ambassadors Peter Egan and Lesley Nicol - for being with us through good times and bad, whether on the stage or on the end of the telephone, you are more special than we can say.

uk ambassadors

With endless thanks to everyone mentioned in these links below for being such an important lifeline to our work and for your years of faith and support as the progress goes on. Thank you to new supporters and friends too - we're all so grateful to welcome you to the Animals Asia family and hope that you'll recommend us to yours, and to your friends and colleagues too - widening the ripples of compassion so that we can help even more animals in the months and years ahead.

Edinburgh: https://www.facebook.com/events/778447628908214/

London: https://www.facebook.com/events/1587760778105689/

Birmingham: https://www.facebook.com/events/389910461183856/453659488142286/

Our UK team - you ran ragged as always, but what a reward to see every event seamless, successful and sold out!

Here's to the next tour - and if you missed this year's please do keep in touch with team UK for the next event, helping so many animals and projects throughout the Asia continent....until the cruelty ends.

UK London Group

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