Opening more bear houses for our rescued bears

Such a perfect day in Vietnam last week at our Bear Rescue Sanctuary in Tam Dao National Park, where we were celebrating the opening of our new double bear houses to take in more rescued bears.


A wonderful event, with a fantastic team ensuring that the sanctuary looked absolutely first class. I don't know what they said to the bears but they were all on their best behaviour; with teddy bear sit ups, endearing toe holding, bear bundles of play, or dangling half asleep over log platforms, and generally doing their best to convey moon and sun bear cuteness the whole time.

new house 1

Huge credit to all in our Vietnam team who worked so hard to ensure the sanctuary was ship shape for the media, government officials, ambassadors, NGO's and other VIP's, and that the whole event went off without a hitch. A wonderful vegan lunch of local Vietnamese food rounded off a perfect morning, and it was back to normal operations by early afternoon with the bears perhaps missing their appreciative audience who had come from far and wide to say hello.

With our grateful thanks, please click here to read the full story of how your faith and support allows our work to go on.

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