Animal History of London Walk for World Animal Day

Sunday 28 September 2014: At our Animal History of London walk this year, the wonderful Peter Egan — actor, good friend and ambassador for Animals Asia — will be reading a poem at the Animals in War memorial.

This is already a very special walk covering so much of the animal history of London (and by extension, the UK) and will be even more engaging with Peter’s reading. The poem about a dying war horse, is one that many a soldier carried with him during the First World War.

This walk, raising funds and awareness for Animals Asia, is also a celebration of World Animal Day on 4 October.

WAD walk

Fiona Osler, our UK Creative Marketing Manager, guides the walk and talks about both the good and bad history of animals through London’s past development. Using often-little-known sites such as the Victorian Pet Cemetery, a statue of Byron and his companion dog Boatswain, and so many more, Fiona will take you on a whistle-stop tour through the centuries, illustrating the struggles by individuals and groups of animal lovers in Britain to raise awareness and gain protection for non-human animals.

Last year, I went on a shorter animal history walk in St James’ Park to celebrate Animals Asia’s 15th anniversary and was struck by the parallel Fiona drew with how rapidly growing animal awareness and welfare development in China is escalating.

I can’t recommend this walk more highly — from literature and art to war and politics, revolution, feminism and workers rights, as well as philosophy, religion and royalty — you can be sure there was a non-human animal involved in some way.

Places are limited and must be booked in advance for £25 per person. To find out more go to UK Events or call our UK office on 01579 347148.

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