Bears to be Facebook stars

This week on our Facebook pages we're featuring the most beautiful pictures of UK photographer, Maria Slough, who came out to Chengdu earlier this year to "capture" in her lens, our very gorgeous bears. Maria left a deep impression on us all as she took exquisite pawtraits of Jasper, Chu Chu and friends - and left a piece of her heart with them all.

Please support Maria and her superb talent and kindness - which, in turn, helps our campaign to end the suffering of all bears caged and dying on the farms. Maria's book makes a perfect gift for yourself, friends, family and colleagues - especially for birthdays and of course with Christmas looming around the corner too. The book features Brian May, Simon Callow, and our wonderful UK Patron and Born Free founder, Virginia McKenna, and our brilliant Animals Asia ambassador Peter Egan too.

It is available at Maria's website:

In her creative, persuasive way, Maria also had me sprawling on my windw-sill, with two very bemused bears in the background, and the book also features Maria herself, in the happiest pic with her dogs!



You can also buy the book here with £5 from the sale of each large book and £3 from each small book going to your chosen charity (Animals Asia is an option).

Please check out the PAWTRAITS EXHIBITION - and Maria, the biggest thank you and love from us all, your new bear friends in China and Vietnam - and please come back again soon.

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