Dog days in Hong Kong

This past month has been one for the dogs in Hong Kong! Just a few weeks ago we held our annual Walk for Harmony, with nearly 100 volunteers, supporters and their dogs turning up in the heat to walk a route in Hong Kong – showing off our four-legged best friends as a species so deserving of being humankind’s friends, not food or fur.

A big thank you Ali and Caroline Bullock – plus Mandy and Assaf in so very kindly taking the photos for free and also to over 20 Dr Dog Professor Paws volunteers and their dedicated guardians as well as big, big thanks to Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department's Dr Michael Hwang and family who joined in to celebrate with us.

Then earlier this month, saw our meet and greet with Dr Dog and Professor Paws volunteers in Hong Kong. Kindly sponsored by the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, this was our annual opportunity to say a big thank you to our volunteers for all their help and devotion over the past year.

Over 140 volunteers joined us – along with 70 canine ambassadors - at a buffet luncheon beautifully cooked up by Simon and his team at the In Sai Restaurant in Sai Kung. Vincent and Esther were our fantastic MCs, and magician Mr Wu giving a fun performance to the delight of the children who came along.

We used the opportunity to talk again about fur - and how 40 million animals lose their lives each year in this hideous, unnecessary trade – including millions of dogs and cats in China. We handed around dog and cat “blankets” and trims, so that people could really appreciate that what they perceive as fake is, in fact, real fur. We also handed around free cards for our supporters to pass politely to people in the street who are wearing fur products – asking for everyone's help in making next Hong Kong winter FUR FREE.

Hats off to Marnie, Cassy, Jasmine and Claire who run our Dr Dog and Professor Paws programmes in Hong Kong. These programmes are the most brilliant example of how animals and people working together can change the world. Max, the original Dr Dog in 1991, would have been proud.

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